"The web is not TVs little brother. Posting a series on the Internet is no excuse to make it slipshod, lazy, or low-quality. In 2013, Spike Jonze didn't quite understand that, but Seattle-based production studio Honey Toad sure does. For the second season of Wrecked, which debuted across six episodes, Honey Toad has provided viewers with a product that is thoughtful, polished, and brimming with talent. It's ostensibly a comedy, but there's plenty of romantic drama elements to go around. The dialogue shines, the camerawork is excellent, even the sound is top-notch. Unlike most of the series released on the web this year, Wrecked defies easy categorization. It's just plain good."Tubefilter

"The core of the series lies in its performances and its directing which frames those performances perfectly. Dialogue is comfortable, realistic and often witty, feeling fresh and naturalistic. It's this element above all which will instantly pull you in and make you feel engaged in Spencer's journey. Structured with near limitless storytelling opportunities, wherever the show decides to go in the adventures of Spencer's new life - getting a job, making friends or finding love, season one will make you want to follow along."Comedy TV is Dead

"WRECKED serves as the epitome of quality web television. It is well written, well shot, and well edited while still preserving the resourceful feel that makes up the soul of online indie comedy."Tubefilter

"Sexy, funny, and great group of filmmakers!"Blip

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Independent films and music have long enjoyed a special, productive niche in American culture, but independent television has only begun to emerge. In the last few years, shows like Husbands and The Guild have been tackling subjects that would not be aired on television. In the quest for ratings, broadcast companies have come to rely on narratives with broad appeal. Online-only content creators can speak directly to their audiences, creating a smaller, more devoted fanbase. At Honey Toad Studio, we are proud to be helping to shape independent television by producing quality content early in the development of the medium.

Honey Toad Studio and its members are also available for other projects. Please contact liz@honeytoad.com to inquire or visit honeytoad.com to learn more.